“The Østfold band Grøde played at the "Kloppstock" festival this summer. Unfortunatelly I could not attend. The local newspaper reporter was not affected by the musical expression of Grøde. It is a bit different with this reviewer. Grøde have definitively a musical identity and credibility. In many ways will the blessed Seigmen still be sort of a point of reference for the music of Grøde. The band plays their sombre pompous music accompanied by Norwegian lyrics, and listening to Grøde is truly a challenge. There is depth in the compositions, and it doesnt fit the ear immediately. Still, an exciting musical expression is communicated in a well produced and well played manner. In addition it sounds heavy.
If anyone is in doubt, doubt not anymore.
Grøde plays gothic metal, and they do it well.”

Scream Magazine # 60 (august/september 2001) 4/6AJ. Blisten

“To review the first album of Grøde is not pleasant. But that has nothing to do with the quality, nor with the skills of the musicians. Both is over average. It is rather the unusual mixture which makes this CD both extraordinary and well known. The feeling switches often from "absolutely innovative" to "somehow already heard". "Den tredje høst" follows an own line, and that with a certainty you can feel any second. The term "Gothic Rock" doesn't -on the one hand- suffice at all to describe the music, yet on the other hand, it fits perfectly. The opener "Preludium" already spreads some sense of melancholy, which exists throughout the whole album and gives it a deep touch. Singer Mikael presents the exclusively Norwegian lyrics skilled in varied ways. It may sound unfamiliar at the beginning (since we are used to hear Norwegian screamed or growled), but that language works clean as well. And so some passages sound very emotional and touch you, although you don't understand a word. The musicians take their time, the melodies are often celebrated and the instruments are now and then turned down. Take for example "Nedtegnet fra ensom Virkelighet". Occasionally, the tempo is increased, which causes a nice alternation, however Grøde sounds never aggressiv or obtrusive. There is no complete hard song, the brake is put, when a too positive mood seems to come up. This is done very cleverly and replaces the obligatory keyboards totally. That doesn't mean, that you get only soft music, they don't keep the pressure back, like in "Menneske", but the atmospheric parts outweigh by far. That's due to the sensitive guitars and the already mentioned vocals. For a debut, this album is really well done, and new material is in sight. If you are open for new music from the North, you should check this one out.”

"Den Tredje Høst" in POWERMETAL.de, January 25th 2006. Simon Lang